Over the years, whether we openly admit this or not, having London-based experience certainly gave you the edge.

Recently, I've helped several candidates find positions in top-tier London agencies.

However, they're not based in London.

They're based anywhere from Manchester to Cape Town (that's right, South Africa only has a 1-hour time difference to the UK!).

With most roles offering remote-working up until at least March next year.

Hiring managers are open to talent being based anywhere if they have the right skill set, able to get the work done well and are available (if needed) during the required time-zone.

Although, interestingly, on CV submissions, I'm noticing some clients are still dismissing talent if they are made aware of their location (if abroad but have the right to work in the UK) ahead of the first interview.

This is the first time in my experience that I've seen this type of shift occur, and I can certainly see this continuing in the future.

What do people think? Is this here to stay?

Hiring managers are you more inclined to giving someone without London experience a chance? Are you bothered about where they are located?

Join the conversation here.

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