​Today’s CIOs need to have a holistic role in their organisation’s wider business strategy. Part of that is understanding the recruitment process and how technology can play a key role in making the hiring process more efficient. When budgets are stretched and a positive candidate experience is integral to attracting and retaining the talent you need, re-evaluating existing hiring processes and streamlining talent strategies is an absolute must.

Whether your organisation is large or small, inefficient hiring processes can cause you to waste time and resources, as well as miss out on the best talent. Using technology in recruitment can dramatically reduce your cost-per-hire, save you valuable time and point you toward more effective recruitment practices, all of which can increase your recruitment ROI.

4 ways CIOs can leverage technology in recruitment

Here are four great ways you can use technology to develop better recruitment practices and increase your ROI:

1. Use video to build your brand

Video technology has revolutionised how we hire. Thanks to remote video technology you can interview candidates anywhere and at any time saving you time and money. But did you know that you can utilise video in other ways? Video content makes up 82% of all internet traffic and can be extremely effective in helping you engage with candidates, build your employer brand, and attract top talent.

You can host videos about your work environment and culture and interviews with current employees on your website, on social media and at in-person events. This is great for laying out your company’s story and mission and communicating the benefits of working for you. Candidates trust your employees 3x more than the company itself to give an accurate account of what it’s like to work for you and video is a great medium for conveying their views.

2. Automate manual processes

The average number of applicants per job posting is 250. Sorting through that many applications is extremely time consuming. Of those 250 applicants the average hiring manager will then interview between 6-8 candidates. Technology can be a vital tool for automating repetitive manual tasks such as resume screening, interview scheduling and giving candidate feedback. Many tech roles also require some form of technical assessment that can be automated and assessed using technology.

Not only does automating these tasks save time and money, but they can also be used to improve candidate experience. Better communication and interaction boosts candidate perceptions of your business.

3. Embrace mobile

Mobile use makes up 53.2% of the world’s web traffic and over half of the searches made on Google. Furthermore, it remains a popular that candidates search for jobs while on-the-go, so creating a seamless and friction-free mobile experience is crucial. If your jobs page or website is not set up for mobile, then you are restricting the number of candidates who can see and apply for your roles.

Mobile can also be a great tool for onboarding, employee training and development, collaboration, and employee management with great software available.

4. Leverage your data

Any business or organisation that has hired staff over time has plenty of data available to it. With just a small investment in the right tools you can leverage your data to gain valuable information about your hiring processes and make better hiring decisions.

Data analysis can help you track, measure and evaluate candidates and highlight retention and turnover stats to predict who will be a good fit, reducing the time and costs incurred when a new hire doesn’t work out.

If you need help identifying the best technology available to dramatically reduce your cost-per-hire and get a better return on your investment, a recruitment agency like DMCG Global can help. We have access to applicant tracking systems (ATS), automation and scheduling software that can make your hiring more efficient and improve the candidate experience.

DMCG Global can help you improve your recruitment ROI.

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