How do you attract and retain diverse talent? What are the barriers to inclusive recruitment and talent retention?

Inclusive decision making is key when selecting the best person for the job. Setting the standard, removing barriers and learning more about our our own biases is a continual and evolving process to which we have made a commitment at DMCG Global.

Recently we learned so much from a brilliant interactive workshop with Inclusive Employers.

As we implement what we learned and work to continually improve, here are some key takeaways that we will be sharing more about, and diving deeper into over the coming weeks.

- Set the standard for inclusive recruitment

- Review your processes

- Understand how bias impacts the recruitment process

- Learn how to mitigate this bias

- Be transparent about where you are lacking

- Be prepared with access and support

- Prioritise inclusive language and reasonable adjustments

- Choose to hire for a Culture Add over Culture Fit

With thanks to Inclusive Employers and our team for their continued support.