We see a shift in the skills required for an evolving world of work and people are ready to embrace this.

DMCG Global recently ran a poll to find out what people’s career resolutions were as they headed into 2023. What was on the top of their priority list for the year ahead?

The overall results showed that 48% of people polled felt that up-skilling was their biggest priority in 2023.

This is a strong indication that employees understand the need to ready themselves for an ever-evolving job market. Knowing that re-skilling and up-skilling is one of the most effective ways to remain ahead of the curve. Especially as new technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency are becoming more commonplace in the workplace, having an impact on the way a business operates.

As both an employer and an employee it is important to understand where the need lies, and the skills required to meet this.
LinkedIn recently released data regarding the 10 most in-demand skills, globally, in 2023.

"The most in-demand skills for 2023 indicate where employers could face the strongest competition — as well as identify the skills that could help candidates improve their employability.

Focusing professional development programs in these key areas could benefit companies and their team members immensely." - LinkedIn

According to the data these 10 skills are the most in-demand globally:

1. Management
2. Communication
3. Customer service
4. Leadership
5. Sales
6. Project management
7. Research
8. Analytical skills
9. Marketing
10. Teamwork

“Many of these - like management, communication, and research are cross-functional skills that are applicable to a wide range of industries and job functions.” - LinkedIn

Understanding which skills in the workplace are most in-demand can help employers to stay competitive. It can also greatly assist candidates when they are looking for a new role.

If you are looking to focus on these key areas and stay ahead of the competition, our team of expert consultants can help. DMCG can help you to find the right skills needed for your business and assist with your hiring needs.

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