​Why did you join DMCG Global?

An unexpected conversation with one of the company’s founders around the changing digital landscape sparked excitement… and upon further discussion DMCG Global's ambitions felt incredibly aligned with my own vision.

Area of specialism?

Digital Marketing, specifically strategy, although my passion for the last few years has been for refining UX and the emerging blockchain technologies.

Years' experience in specialism?

7 years in production, 9 years in ecommerce with a focus on adventure sport and fashion, topped off with 4 years dedicated to refining digital brand experiences.

If not DMCG Global, what would you be doing?

Researching the new wave of Martech, schooling ML based trading bots, and looking to support Web3 start ups with a focus on privacy and creative expression.

Favourite quote this year?

“What the day brings you, depends a great deal on what you bring to the day”