As we approach the end of the scheme, many individuals are finding it mentally daunting returning back to work, after such a significant amount of time spent at home.

With that in mind, DMCG Global has put together our 5 top tips for returning to work.

1.    Create structure

Although obvious, you should get back into the habit of getting up and going to bed at a certain time each day, even more so if you are home working. Make sure you allocate times for breaks and stick to them; this will slowly ease your mindset into the new normal of working again. Also shower and change out of your PJ’s, you’re more likely to slack off if you don’t.

2.    Keep on top of your mental health

It’s not unusual to feel anxiety upon your return to work and a lack of motivation. We recommend taking a moment to do a short mindful meditation exercise each morning to set a clear intention for the day. If you find yourself dwelling on the negatives, write down the things you’re most grateful for. You can even write a checklist of what you want to achieve that day, this will help you to focus on the tasks at hand.

3.   Communicate with your team

Maintaining a good relationship with your team will alleviate any worries you may be having. You could do a weekly phone call, check in over email or even engage with them on social media to ensure a running dialogue throughout this time. This will not only help you but also other members within your team, who maybe feeling exactly like you right now.  

4.   Take a daily walk

It’s good to get a little exercise everyday even if it is just a walk. This could be before you start work or during your lunch, be sure to a break from your computer and go outside to get some fresh air. Going for a simple walk whilst listening to some music or a podcast will do wonders for your mental health during this difficult time.

5.   Celebrate little wins

Now more than ever you should be celebrating the little victories you’re having at work, be it a small sale, high engagement rate on your content, a call back from a prospect or perhaps you’ve checked off everything on your daily task list. Have a cup of tea to celebrate! 

If you have found yourself being made redundant after months of being furlough and are now seeking a new role, we recommend you look at our checklist for securing a new role post-Covid.