We don’t go around thinking about who we are, what makes us special and discuss these details with complete strangers.

And for that reason, we all need some guidance on it, here are DMCG Global's tips on answering it...

Stay specific

Interviewers generally have a handful of candidates to go through, so staying on point is key. Interviewers want to hear concrete examples of your past achievements. Part of being specific is also about showing off results to back up your examples.

Get to the point

All your prior job achievements will be for naught if you take too long to get to the point. Be concise with your self-introduction, and predict where the most impressive bits, and punchlines are.

Build structure around your answers

  • What have you done?

  • How did you do it?

  • What can you offer?

Include all three components into your answers. This is a simple way to tick all the boxes of what the interviewer is looking for. 

Add a memorable story

If you can add a memorable or quirky story to help you stand out from the crowd, this is the right time to mention it.

Finish with your core strengths

Think of 2-3 strengths you possess that are relevant to the role you're interviewing for. When discussing these, relate them to times where they have benefitted you at work. Be prepared for follow up questions on these examples.

Practice & practice again

Use your phone to film yourself.

It's simple and easy and you will be able to see if you're nailing it!