Now to help you get started on your new job hunt, DMCG Global have provided some guidance on how to look for a job during Covid…

Conduct a detailed self-assessment

Take a deeper look at your previous role and weigh up the pros and cons. Did you enjoy it? What skills did you develop during it? Write down your daily responsibilities in that specific role and any training courses you underwent whilst you were there. This will be helpful during your search for a new role. You could also complete a free personality or career quiz online to help guide your some more in your decision.

Invest in your LinkedIn profile

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, make one. It's completely free and it will provide the perfect portal for you to find jobs and build up your personal brand. Take time to work on your LinkedIn profile, make sure you have a suitable professional display picture. Make sure you reach out for recommendations from your previous employers and produce a killer personal statement that includes your top skills and work experience. Think of yourLinkedIn profile as your online CV, you can attach links to your best work or training courses you've completed.

And before you hit publish, ask yourself - would I hire me after looking at this profile?

Connect & engage

Now you have your LinkedIn profile created, it's time to engage with like-minded individuals and businesses you'd like to work for online.Showcase your knowledge by sharing advice or your opinion on trending articles and posts. This will build on your personal brand and encourage people to connect with you.

Update your CV

There is no better time than now to update your CV. We
highly recommend you research CV templates for your desired role and use them
as inspiration. You can tweak it so it’s more relatable to your experience.
Don’t forget to spell check it either!

Schedule time for job searching

You must set time aside each day whilst looking for a job during Covid. There will be many people just like yourself on the hunt, so you must be disciplined in your search. Aim for an hour each day or you could set a target of 5 job applications a day. It's entirely up to you.


As you have more time on your hands, why not be productive and up-skill. There are many courses available online that can keep you busy and when completed, they will look amazing on your CV. It will also show you have been proactive during your job hunt. Feel free to check out, it's relatively cheap and a great tool for learning new skills.

Stand out from the crowd

With newer technology being released every day, there are many ways for you to get yourself noticed online. You could do a CV video, LinkedIn audio snippet, podcast, animation, social post and many more. Feel free to get creative with your job search.

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