​Sometimes this can be easier said than done due to outside distractions, personal worries, childcare and even the weather. Productivity levels become especially problematic if for example, you don’t have a good air conditioner/heating system at home.

With that being said, DMCG Global provide some helpful guidance on how to stay focused when working from home.

Have a dedicated workspace

We recommend finding a spot at home where you can sit correctly at a desk and away from your TV. You should avoid places where you will have bad posture, examples of this would be your bed or couch. Once you think you have a spot, take a moment to notice any other distractions.

Is it quiet?

Is it located away from the children's room or the busy street outside the front of the house?

Sometimes this can't be helped but it's worth considering these factors when setting up your home-working station.

Have a set routine

Sticking to a schedule is highly recommended when working from home. You should wake up and go to bed at a suitable time as well as have set breaks to manage your day more constructively. This way it's like a regular day at the office, keeping you on task.

Dress the part

You may think this doesn't have a dramatic effect but it does. Not showering and sitting in your PJ's whilst working can have an impact on your mental well-being. In order to stay upbeat and focused, make sure you shower and dress as if you're going to do a zoom call every day.

Write a daily checklist

This is extremely helpful for managing your workload. You can write down your tasks on a piece of paper or opt for a free task management tool like Trello online. There are many task management tools available now so utilise them.

Remember to take a break

Be it breakfast, lunch or a simple coffee break away from the computer, stick to it. Working throughout the day without a break or the right nutrition will impact your productivity levels as well as your mental health.

Keep off social media

There are many outside distractions at home without adding social media to the list. Be sure to turn off your notifications on your phone,laptop and iPad when you have a set time to work.

Stay in contact with your team

Don't forget to put in some air time with your manager and team. It's good to talk, be it about work or how you spent your weekend.

Get the right tools for the job

You may think a laptop, phone and your email are all you need to do your job, but it might make sense to have other stuff too. This could be a printer, mouse, second screen, faster WIFI or even a desk light for better Zoom calls.

Work smarter

If you can automate any work processes, do it. This could be scheduled emails, social media posts as well as calendar invites. You should also research plugins for your email and Google Chrome extensions for your most used apps. This will provide easy access for when you need it. Microsoft Outlook provide options to sync your emails with your task manager, this is a huge time saver when delegating work.

Avoid household chores

We know it's annoying to work at home when you know the dishes or the hoover needs doing, so we recommend waking up an hour earlier to get it done. This way it's not in the back of your mind and won't distract you from the work tasks at hand.