​Last week members of DMCG Global tuned into a virtual event and conversation on the topic of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in recruitment hosted by SheSays NY with a selection of brilliant speakers and contributors.

This was a round table discussion on commitment and accountability when it comes to recruiting and retaining creative talent, something we should all be thinking very deeply about and taking accountability for. Our team found this session incredibly informative - here are a few of the great points from the evening that really resonated with us:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion must be deeply ingrained into a culture’s organisation, not just an add on that is part of an outside function. It should be as highly valued as the creative department, the strategy department - with the resources and tools available to do the work.

  • Make Equity an essential part of your business strategy. It is not a level playing field, no matter what you might think, so how do you create an equitable environment that works for all?

  • There is a lack of access to opportunities - still, the creative advertising industry is not something that is discussed in schools. People aren’t even aware that this industry and the roles within it exist, so how can people take steps to train to become a part of it further down the line? We must do a better job as a community in making people aware and do more to provide that access.

  • The continued issue of bias in the hiring process - we must continue to learn, but more importantly to unlearn the biases (both good and bad) that contribute to this process. Look at our job adverts and descriptions, consider if we are really using neutral and inclusive language. Look outside of our usual networks. What does the ‘best candidate’ really mean?

  • Diversity is key in creative thinking. Why keep hiring the same person to do the same piece of work over and over? Make your work reflective of the world that is out there. Be open to change when you hire – and don’t keep on hiring yourself!

  • On the subject of ‘you have to see it to be it’ - yes, but also how about encouraging people to know, believe and feel that they are powerful and that they can be the first. I personally really loved this point from Carol Watson, Chief Inclusion Officer at BCW Global, who moderated the evening.

  • Is your company actively listening and understanding where it is that they are falling short and what it is that they can do going forward? Equal and open communication is key - as is a safe space in which to communicate on these topics.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is something that should be invested in long term, the long game. Not something that you tick off and move on from. It should align with your organisational values and requires commitment from all sides. There is no one size fits all, but we can all contribute to building an equitable and inclusive environment, especially if we are helped to understand how.

As we invest in learning and continuing to learn, we look forward to putting action ourselves into these vital points. As recruiters here at DMCG Global we take that accountability seriously and continue to take steps to improve our hiring practices and processes - an ongoing commitment to continued change.

Thank you to the team at SheSays New York and to the speakers below for such an interesting and thoughtful session:

Moderated by Carol Watson - Chief Inclusion Officer at BCW Global with,

Jezz Chung - Creative Equity Advisor & Transformation Facilitator

Tara Garcia - Director, Global People Strategy & Talent Acquisition at VIRTUE Worldwide

Kinney Edwards - Global Head of Creative Lab at TikTok

Shaunah Margaret - Senior Copywriter at Rauxa and Co-Founder of Women Who Create