I want to share with you some feedback on how a recent candidate aced the question 'tell us what you know about our company?'.

To give some context, he was interviewing for a marketing manager position for a construction firm.

This is how he prepared for the interview...


The candidate researched the company and it's latest news channels and as such, he noticed a recent podcast that featured his upcoming interviewer.

He made sure he listened to the podcast before the interview took place and made notes on it. When it came to the interview, he was asked about the company and instead of reeling off a list of facts from their about us page, he expressed how impressed he was with the company's recently completed project and what a positive impact it had on the local community.

He also went one step further and visited the companies building sites, this meant he could give his opinion on them when asked 'have you seen any of our recent work?'

It's very proactive and leaves a lasting impression with the interviewer.

I highly recommend this approach to this question.

Interviewer feedback

"How refreshing to have that type of conversation rather than being told; we have 15 offices across America, Europe, and Asia, headquartered in London with over 2000 employees".

Doing your research and going the extra mile can be the difference between winning and losing.

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