DMCG Global understood early on from the pandemic that the industry may take an initial hit but pushing forward we hoped that the industry would regain its momentum by the end of the year.

Now looking at our data from March-October, we are able to share the DMCG Global report on hiring activity during COVID 2020. These insights have been collected and analysed from all of the territories we recruit within, including London, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

USA hiring activity

New York and California have reported a slight 20% decrease in permanent roles; however, this has been balanced out with the increased demand for staff within data, UX, UI and motion design freelance roles.

Overall this has produced a 20% increase in contract and temporary roles and is set to increase in Q4 as more temporary and 3-6-month fixed contracts become more common.

‘People have become more adept at working from home now and previous talks of returning to the office, even part time in Q1, have been pushed back to later in 2021. Despite not intending to be office based, we’re seeing a large increase in demand and hiring activity for Q1, with financial models built to rehire based on revised structures from previous months.’

Dan Matthews, DMCG Global Co-Founder & CEO for USA, UK & Europe.

APAC & MENA hiring activity

Although we have noticed a significant drop in advertising agency roles throughout the pandemic, we can report that Singapore, Dubai & Hong Kong have received an increase in overall job orders in Q3.

The Singapore office received a 30% increase in permanent job orders read more

The Dubai office received a 24% increase in permanent job orders read more

The Hong Kong office received a 15% increase in permanent job orders read more

These locations have experienced a strong demand for Corporate & Government Communications, Digital Design, Customer Experience roles.

‘Our APAC and MENA clients have proven to be quite resilient throughout the crisis, with the Middle East and Asian markets opening up as the number of coronavirus cases remains relatively low.’

Justin McGuire, DMCG Global Co-Founder & CEO of APAC & MENA.

UK hiring activity

Permanent invoicing has remained steady throughout the months but there has been no significant increase in permanent roles. On the other hand, contract and temporary roles have gained a 30% increase with a consistent demand for staff within junior-to-mid-level positions.

Europe hiring activity

Our Amsterdam office has benefitted from a consistent demand for senior roles within digital, design and strategy departments over the last few months, with a good 15% increase in contract and temporary roles overall.

‘The market is picking up and building a good level of confidence which is great. All we can do at the moment is keep going, keep positive and assist in the very best we can whilst adding value in other ways.’

Nirmal Modi, DMCG Global Managing Partner for UK & Europe.

Australia hiring activity

Brisbane experienced a dramatic 70% drop in permanent roles in March, but then received a 60% increase in fixed term contract and freelance roles – which will likely lead to permanent positions in the future.

The same was said for Sydney, however, it has been a promising Q3 for this location with a huge demand for roles in digital marketing, e-commerce and technical development, data analytics.

Perth has remained steady on all placements throughout the last 6 months.

‘Having spoken to many of my peers and colleague in all regions, we remain optimistic and confident for Australia. Whilst 2020 has meant some really good talent has come onto the market, it’s also interesting to see that they are not hanging around very long. It won’t be long before we start experiencing another talent shortage again.’

Allen Smith DMCG Global Co-Founder & CEO for Australia.

Promising outlook for Q4

Looking at our global hiring data, we can see light at the end of the tunnel in Q4. Businesses now have put processes in place to carry on with business as usual. This means hiring staff digitally and adjusting their recruitment process so it can be completed from home.

‘Our new recruitment business and global team has shown great resilience in a tough year. We’ve adapted, hiring via video, working from home when needed, with team dedication across the network. Yes, we may have experienced a blip but have rebounded well in Q3 across all regions. We predict Q4 will make up for lost time and end this year on a good note – ready for 2021.’

The DMCG Global Founders