1. Choose quality over quantity.

Display your best work, 5-6 projects making it clean and easy to navigate. Include case studies

2. Prominently display contact information.

If you are freelance link your portfolio to your contact info on LinkedIn, you never know who is looking at your profile.

3. Include a passion project, 'A favourite of mine'.

Doesn’t have to always be just client work. I have previously taken briefs where the hiring manager only wanted to see personal portfolios including passion projects. This is really good tip for getting your personality across.

4. Focus on the process and not always on the finished work.

The ideas behind the finished piece of work often showcase your creativity.

5. Understand what you specialise in and communicate that well.

Typography, logo design, motion design etc.

6. For freelance make multiple portfolios which can be tailored per project.

Most freelance bookings are fast turnaround, so having multiple portfolios which you can tailor to suit the brief can be useful.

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