​Is sustainability a too longer term plan to be thinking about within your organisation at the moment?

It’s been tough for most organisations this year, so would you blame marketing/commercial departments for going for some quick wins?

Cut some corners, recover some losses. Damage limitation, right?

In my opinion, wrong.

Sustainability within an organisation is coming up in an awful lot from my conversations at the moment and it is proving to be a key motivation for candidates when looking to move jobs.

Ethical consumption in consumers is worth over £80b (yes Billion!) in the UK and around half of under 25's will avoid your product if they feel you have a negative environmental impact.

So now may be the time to focus more on your medium-to-long term marketing plans (along with procurement, packaging, operations..) with sustainability and ethical consumption in mind.

Not only will you attract new loyal customers, but as an organisation you will also be able to attract better talent into your business who are passionate about sustainability and who will truly understand your present and future customers

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