Explain the embedded recruiting service?

Embedded recruiting means we embed our team into your firm so that we can best represent you to the market.

Typically we save you 50% on traditional hiring methods.

We provide an audit of your talent needs and capabilities.

We learn the ins and outs of your business and are equipped to represent your company as if we worked internally.

This means we have an email address from your firm, participate in recruiting meetings, have regular check-ins with hiring managers, and guide hiring managers through the process, offering best practices, compensation and negotiation tips.

What is the process?

Every client is different and so is our process.

We audit your talent needs and capabilities.

We don't just present profiles, we will help you draft job descriptions, consult on employer branding, tools, and recommend process improvements and any additional resources.

We bring our tools on-site, source top talent, screen candidates, coach hiring managers and help you negotiate the offer.

We help your company develop and build their own recruiting capabilities.

Interested in this offering?

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