Try and stick to the most relevant roles

It may be tempting to apply for as many roles as possible right now, but this strategy might actually be doing more harm than good.

Particularly when it comes to your mental health.

Rather than applying for a hundred roles you probably won’t hear back from, take your time to search for something that will actually match your skills and experience.

That way, you won’t waste any more time and energy on the wrong roles, and can ensure your CV is much more likely to get noticed by a recruiter.

Tailor your application to the job description

OK, so you’ve found a role that really matches your skills and experience level. The next step is to make the connection completely clear to the hiring manager.

In other words, it’s time to tailor your CV to the job description.

Think of it this way: a job is a problem to be solved. You need to present yourself as that solution. The company has set out everything they need from their perfect candidate already, so it doesn’t even need to take much work to make sure your CV matches up. It may only take a matter of minutes.

However, as not that many applicants actually do this, you’ll instantly be able to stand out. Not to mention demonstrate that you’re willing to put the additional effort in to make reading your CV worthwhile.

Sort out your structure

Another sure-fire tip to make sure recruiters remember your CV? Make it interesting for them to read.

With more applications to go through, the hiring manager may not have time to take in every single word. So make sure you start by highlighting your most relevant achievements – and structure everything else around it.

Are they asking for a certain level of experience? Include this in your personal statement.

Does the job description call out a certain certification as a prerequisite? Put your education history higher up on the page.

Put everything relevant you can think of down on paper, then try and condense it all to two pages.

And don’t forget formatting. Choose a layout that will look the part, and keep your reader interested as they scan through your information.

Your CV is your chance to sell yourself. If it isn’t clear, concise and easy-to-read (and, ultimately, interesting to read), you’re unlikely to make yourself memorable.

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