Think about your resume in terms of real estate on the page.

Generally, you’ll want to give more detail on recent roles and less on older roles

(although many factors will come into play including time spent in those roles + how many you’ve held, but this is a good general rule)

Unless you’re VP level, going back 20+ years in experience is too much.

Have both a PDF and a Word document ready to go. (some ATS’s have issues with PDFs)

Do not include your picture on your resume.

Only put down software that you’re intermediate to advanced in.

Only write a summary if you can think of something great to write:

Good Example: “I have absolute clarity about what I do. I work hard. A Type B personality wrapped around Type A organizational habits.”

Bad Example: “I’m a highly motivated self-starter who works well with others and has experience working with cross-functional teams”

Remember, not everyone is a great creative writer.

There’s great resources out there for resume writers, and I’ve had many candidates see success from using a service like this!