Editors, Motion Artists, etc., require solid reels. A good one can see them being hired without even interviewing.

So what makes a good reel?

Though partly subjective, skill plays an obvious part.

The following tips should help you create an exceptional reel.

  • Keep it to 60-90 seconds, featuring only your best work. 20 seconds to gain attention, the rest to highlight skills. Never repeat footage.

  • Target your reel to your audience, i.e. Editor, Director, Head of Motion. You may need multiple reels, especially if you have various skillsets: 2D, 3D etc.

  • If your reel is a collage of work, ensure the music matches the mood and frames match the beat.

  • Show your personality, style and creative flair. Let people enjoy the show!

  • Ensure all footage is yours and you’ve permission to use it. Include a description underneath of what your involvement was.

  • Name drop impressive clients in the frame if they’re not obvious, emphasise your technical prowess with split-screen before/after images.

  • Check thoroughly for technical errors.

  • Use a leading platform to showcase your work.

What do you think makes an exceptional reel? Is it subjective, or are there core principles to an exceptional reel?

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