Interviews can be daunting for both candidates and employers! Ask the wrong IT interview questions and make the wrong choice and you can be faced with negative consequences. The productivity of your team, that you were hoping to increase, will remain low as it takes you longer than anticipated to bring the new hire up to speed. 

That excellent candidate you chose not to hire could be snapped up by a competitor. Morale can be affected as employees continue to struggle, and in a worst-case scenario you could be faced with the time consuming and costly process of hiring another candidate.

What are you looking for from your IT candidates?

By the time you reach the interview stage you should be reasonably confident that every candidate has the technical qualifications to succeed in the role. This means that the questions you ask at the interview should be focused on making sure the winning candidate is the right cultural add for your business.

Questions for information technology candidates at interview stage should assess their soft skills, passion for the tech industry, their drive to succeed and that their attitude aligns with the companies’ values and mission.

Do that well and you’ll always make the right hire.

Hire the right candidate, first time, every time with these IT interview questions!

Skill: Communication

1. How would you explain a particular technology or tech problem to a non-technical colleague?
This is a great question as you can switch in any technical details and issues that are relevant to the role. In any company, IT positions may need to communicate with colleagues, clients or stakeholders who don’t possess the same technical understanding as they do. The best candidates will be able to break down complex processes into simple language, avoid technical jargon and be able to make themselves understood to those with varying levels of IT knowledge.

Skill: Passion

2. What resources do you use to stay up to date with emerging tech?

Tech is a field where rapid developments can change the landscape quickly. There are plenty of online resources, community groups and courses available to those looking to build a career in tech. How a candidate answers this question will demonstrate their connection to the wider tech community, show how motivated they are and let you know that they are willing to keep their knowledge and skills current and relevant.

Skill: Adaptability

3. Can you tell me about a project where something went wrong?

How did you adapt and ensure that the project was successful? How a candidate deals with setbacks, adapts their approach, and gets a project back on track will tell you how resilient they are, and how they learn from their experiences. Good answers here should emphasise how they used their knowledge and skills to change course, how they handled disappointment and used that to gain something positive.

Skill: Decision making 

4. Tell me about a time when you had to make a difficult decision. What process did you go through to arrive at the decision?

Critical thinking and decision making is a learned process. Being able to take information, analyse it and come up with a logical solution makes for an employee that can solve problems quickly and effectively. Look for examples that show how a candidate took in information, came up with solutions and then evaluated them to arrive at a single decision.

Skill: Organisation

5. How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?
IT is famously an industry that suffers from long hours and crunch periods that demand intensive work. Many tech professionals struggle with managing the fields high-stress culture. Look for candidates who can demonstrate the ability to relax and those who have proven strategies for maintaining a healthy balance. This can also be a great time to sell your companies commitment to healthy habits and workplace wellness.

These IT interview questions should help you get the most from your interviews and choose the best IT candidate for your role. If you are struggling to choose between two exceptional creative candidates, we can also help. Discover strategies to help you make the best creative hire here.

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