​DMCG Global Partner in Creative and Design, Bethany Hitchmough, discusses the importance of including the salary on job advertisements.

When it comes to job advertisements, why is it so many still do not include the salary?

I truly believe that transparency is key to fostering a fair and thriving job market.

Here's why it matters:

1. Empowering You:

To respect your time and professional aspirations. By providing salary details upfront, you are empowering candidates to make informed decisions right from the start. No more wasting precious hours on interviews and negotiations, only to discover the compensation doesn't align with their expectations.

2. Valuing Your Worth:

By recognising the unique talents and contributions candidates bring to the creative industry. Sharing the salary openly demonstrates your commitment to valuing their worth and ensures that they receive fair compensation for their skills, experience, and creativity.

3. Promoting Equality:

Salary transparency plays a crucial role in promoting equality and combating pay disparities. By openly sharing salary ranges, we foster a more inclusive hiring process, eliminating biases and providing a level playing field for all candidates, regardless of background or gender.

4. Building Trust:

Trust is the foundation of any successful professional relationship. By sharing salary information upfront, you establish a bond of trust with the candidate right from the start. As a candidate you can be confident that they prioritize your interests and are committed to open and honest communication throughout the hiring process.

Have you applied and interviewed for a role recently without knowing the salary?

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